Catholic Parish of
St Lawrence & St Paul
Chipping Sodbury and Yate St Lawrence St Paul’s


The cross is the sign that all Christians recognise.

It’s a reminder of God’s love

breaking through human violence.

It’s a sign that no greater love can exist

than to suffer for others.

It’s the sign of the completeness of God’s care,

for it went beyond death.

It’s a symbol of hope and courage,

the one thing to which we can all raise our

eyes and be consoled, comforted and challenged.

It has done this for centuries because of

the man who made it famous.

It is how we welcome our children into life

and send our dying people forward to eternity..

with the sign of the cross.

It is a sign of hope, not death;

the man on it is a king;

rather than a sign of degradation, it is a throne.

Let us look at this sign and be touched by it.

Let it move us to be loving, to burn for justice,

to forgive us our sins.

It is the great sign of reconciliation,

of God and his people,

of people  reaching out to people,

from one corner of the world to another.