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St Lawrence & St Paul
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St. Vincent de Paul Society - Parish Foundation
    Who We Are:
Our Society was founded in Paris in 1833, by a group of Catholic students, led by Frederic Ozanam, a devout young lawyer.  They were responding to the challenge of an age where the focus was on material prosperity, and the poor and elderly were increasingly isolated and neglected.  Does this sound familiar for our time?  The group resolved to follow Christ’s example of love in action.  So they began visiting the needy, and soon others joined them.  St. Vincent de Paul, (1581 - 1660), whose life had been devoted entirely to helping the marginalised, was chosen as their patron.

   What We Do:
Today, in our Parish, as throughout the World, Vincentians, as we are known, continue to give our concern, friendship, time and talents to help those in need, regardless of creed, colour or political belief.  We co-operate with other organisations, religious and secular, to achieve our aims. We do not preach or seek to convert, but simply try to show the love of Christ through our actions.  We attach no conditions to the aid we give and, above all, we respect the dignity and confidentiality of those we help.  As well as providing material assistance, we are called upon increasingly to respond to: loneliness (affecting all age groups); bereavement; broken families; homelessness; inability to cope with life’s problems; drug  addiction; isolation felt by Catholics no longer able to attend Church

   How You Can Help:
By joining the Society as a Full Member, attending weekly meetings
(Meetings take place regularly at St.Paul’s Catholic Church, Sundridge Park, Yate, BS37 4EP)
By becoming an Auxiliary Member. This involves offering your time to visit someone, either at home or in residential care.
By becoming a Friend of the Society. This involves pledging a sum of money to support our work. Membership forms are available.
By letting us know of anyone, who is in need of help, or just a visit.
By responding to appeals for food, clothing or Christmas gifts.
Most importantly, by remembering us and those we visit in your prayers.

To become involved or to obtain further information, please telephone 01454 312161 or contact via email
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SVP Awareness Month

If you are interested in joining the SVP or need their assistance please contact 01454 31261 the Parish Office or email