Safeguarding our children and vulnerable adults is a vitally important mission of our church and it is imperative that we realise “Safeguarding” is not imposed on the Church by the secular world but that Safeguarding is integral to our ministry – support/care and protection is central to Gospel Teaching: so we look to the Church’s own teaching to ground Safeguarding in the day today life of our faith.
In the Parish of St Lawrence, alongside St Paul’s in Yate we aim to ensure all are safe and welcome in our community. We do this by ensuring everyone realises they have a duty to ensure the safety of each other, especially our children and vulnerable adults and trying to embed a culture of Safeguarding at all levels of the parish structure, seeing Safeguarding as nurture and a ministry of care.
On a practical side this involves: ensuring all wishing and volunteering to work with children and vulnerable parishioner have a Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS), which includes an identity check, providing training so parishioners have a good awareness of safeguarding and how to integrate it into their volunteering role, exploring our parish practices to make sure they are safeguarding friendly and by undertaking training ourselves.

As the Parish Safeguarding Representative, I carry out safeguarding checks and support Father Jim in all safeguarding activities. We also have a confidential email system for any safeguarding issues (including for those seeking advice) and support our parish organisations to ensure Safeguarding has a high priority within their work.

My name is Carol Lawler and I am the Parish safeguarding Representative, you will find my contact details on the parish bulletin as well as here below. I am always willing to listen and to help if you have any questions or concerns on Safeguarding and if I don’t know the answer I can always find someone who does!
e-mail: Carol Lawler 01454 317077

What is Safeguarding?

In Clifton Diocese we are deeply committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all those entrusted to our care, especially the most vulnerable among us. The Church’s mission is to bring the light of Christ to the world, and we must be vigilant in protecting those who are at risk of harm. The sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults is a grave sin that deeply offends our Lord and causes immense harm to victims.

As the shepherd of this diocese, I take this responsibility very seriously and I am determined to do everything in my power to prevent such abuses from occurring and to respond swiftly and compassionately when they do.

To this end, we have implemented robust safeguarding policies and procedures throughout the diocese.  It is the responsibility of everyone within the Diocese of Clifton to ensure our parishes and institutions are safe places, especially for those who are vulnerable. We have a zero tolerance to abuse, harm and any behaviour that falls short of appropriate safeguarding practices as expressed in National Policies from the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency.

We are also committed to fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within the Church in all our activities. Responding to those who come forward to report having suffered harm is a vital part of our mission and the Diocese is committed to being a welcoming and safe Church that is truly a beacon of light and hope for all.

We strive to support survivors and those who have been harmed by the Church, and we wish to work with survivors to improve standards further.  We will listen and learn from every survivor/victim we work with.

May the grace of God strengthen us in this vital mission.

Bishop Bosco MacDonald, May 2024


Our parish recognises and follows the  CSAS  (Catholic Safeguarding  Advisory Service ) policies and procedures:

Our diocese’s safeguarding details can be found here:

The Clifton diocesan Safeguarding team and documents can be found here: